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The Association for Manuscripts and Archives in Research Collections

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AMARC is a kind of club but with no limits to its membership. It is an association of those interested in or working on or with manuscripts and archives. Working on manuscripts in a reading room or record office can sometimes be a silent and lonely occupation. AMARC aims to provide opportunities to bring together all those who share delight in manuscripts, in documents and records as well as book illumination and early libraries. It arranges one-day conferences, often in interesting places, and it promotes exhibitions, publication, fellowship and shared enjoyment of research and discovery. It publishes a Newsletter, probably the most up-to-date and most wide ranging source of information available about manuscript research. It includes not only the well-known manuscript specialists from the great institutions but also actively encourages the research students, the enthusiasts, and beginners. It represents the interests of manuscript workers from both sides of the library issue desk. It is informative, scholarly, and serious but also enjoyable, innovative, and inexpensive. We welcome guests and new members, scholars, students, scribes, collectors and anyone who has ever held a manuscript in their hands and has been, even for a moment, transported with delight.

Christopher de Hamel (former AMARC Chair)